About us

         The “Arhideya” cafe of the “Grodnograzhdanproekt” Institute was opened in Grodno on February 14, 2011.  Located in the city center, restaurant invites guests for hearty lunches and for celebrations.

“Bronze Mercury”

         The “Arhideya” cafe was awarded by “Bronze Mercury” – The First Prize (Honorary Diploma) of the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Belarus in the field of catering, retail and wholesale trade.

         Cozy “Arhideya” cafe is designed for 80 seats. The interior has a classic style with antique items. The columns and Ionic orders perfectly complement the strict and sophisticated style.

         A chamber banquet hall can accommodate up to 10 people. Its interior is designed in the classical style, using pastel colors and simple forms. It is perfect for negotiations and small banquets.


  • banquets,
  • weddings,
  • birthdays and anniversaries,
  • parties,
  • romantic evenings, etc.

         Experienced chefs prepare dishes of Belarusian and European cuisine. Polite waiters carry out the customer service at a high level.


  • cocktail menu,
  • dessert card,
  • tea and coffee card,
  • an extensive selection of beer.

         Lounge music allows visitors to tune in to a nice wave and enjoy the evening. Live orchestra is playing there since Wednesday till Sunday from 08:00 pm to 00:00 am. Also there is cable TV in the cafe.


  • design a hall for events and celebrations,
  • assistance in the organization of events.
  • Organization of breakfasts from 8.00 for tourist groups

Daily changed business lunch menu is available on weekdays from 00:00 pm to 04:00 pm.  It is possible to order take-away meals.

Non-cash payments are available.